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We are now booking organic supply of vegetables and crops for winter delivery.  
Our capacity of production is over 600 acres of production available.  The climate of
Belize allows for optimum growth of certified organic vegetables and crops targeted
for harvest in December through April.
Contracting with our team allows the assurance that the products meet the
USDA/NOP certification.  Our third party certifier is OneCert.  We work hand in hand
to ensure that the all of the strict standards are met and adhered to completely.  Sol
Farms, Limited, is the only USDA/NOP certified farming operation in the Country of
Belize.  We control complete growing, grading and packaging in our factory to
ensure complete quality custody of the produce.
Some of the items that are currently ready for production:

  • Organic Certified Chia - we are one of the only world producers of NOP Certified Chia.
  • Organic Certified Sunn Hemp - Seeds for use as Nitrogen Fixer for Certified Organic fields (ie: Cotton).
  • Organic Certified Peanuts - Valencia varieties certified to NOP standards.
  • Organic Jungle Peanuts - Rare and targeted to the Raw/Vegan markets due to the Nutritional Benefits.
  • Organic Certified Peppers - We produce both Sweet and Hot Peppers for the winter markets.
  • Organic Certified Green Beans - French and Standard Green Beans.
  • Organic Certified Limes - Fresh from the tree and maintained in a fresh-picked status through delivery.
  • Organic Certified Fresh Herbs - Our production includes the full line of Fresh Herbs packaged for Retail.
  • Organic Certified Stevia - We produce Fresh Stevia for use as a fresh alternative as a sweetener.
  • Organic Certified Arugula - Packaged to meet the retail requirements of the international market.
  • Organic Certified Strawberries - Picked fresh for the winter markets in Northern Hemisphere.
  • Many, Many more Certified Organic crop opportunities, Our capacity is endless...

We are here to support your supply and sales for the winter market, supplying fresh
produce that is guaranteed organic.

Contact us to book availability and supplies of NOP Certified vegetables and crops.
Organic by Choice, Sustainable by Nature...
Organic by Choice, Sustainable by Nature...
Sol Farms Limited
Sol Farms Limited
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