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Sol Farms Limited is an Organic and Conventional Farming Operation that is
dedicated to the production of Fruits and Vegetables for the Country of Belize.  Our
goal is to introduce Organic Growing and Integration into the regional markets.  We
offer Consulting services on a contractual basis to apply the best solutions to the
issues faced with Organic Production and Marketing in the Central American

We Provide:

1. Markets for products that are available to be grown in the Central American

2. A dedicated trainer/instructor that is assigned to be the project manager for the
entire project.

3. Recommendations and Assistance in training and logistics of the challenging
markets facing production of Organic Produce.

4.  Market demand product development for existing markets.

No location is too remote, no supply is too little.  We introduce the market to the
producer.  As the intermediary, our consultant meets the demands and requests of
both sides, to ensure a secure supplier to vendor relationship.

Contact us to find out how we can bridge the gaps in your vegetable supply
Organic by Choice, Sustainable by Nature...
Organic by Choice, Sustainable by Nature...
Sol Farms Limited
Sol Farms Limited
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