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Sol Farms Limited, a Belize registered business committed to improving sustainable Belizean
farming and rural economic development, is an Organic and Conventional Farming Operation that is
located in the fertile Cayo District in Belize.  Our main location is on the Western Highway in
Teakettle Village.  Currently, we grow Peanuts, Chia, Moringa, Soybeans and Speciality Vegetables
for the resorts and restaurants of Belize.  

We approach agriculture with a holistic viewpoint - if you take care of the soil, the soil will nurture
great produce.  We incorporate our own process to manufacture Biochar enhanced compost for
added soil and plant fertility.  This soil amendment closely duplicates the
fertile soils of the
Amazonian Basin, which has remained fertile over the past 1000 years.  All of our products are
currently grown using this specific soil amendment, with excellent results and reduced fertility inputs.

"Green Charcoal" is a by-product of our process.  Our Green Charcoal is made from biomass and
does not deplete the rain forest flora through the traditional charcoal requirement of harvesting
trees.  Our Green Charcoal is 100% renewable and our biomass input is ready for reharvest within
4 months.  

We believe in the products we produce and the reasons behind why we produce them.  Our team of
industry experts ensure that the products we produce are innovative and exceed all customer's
expectations.  We invite you to check out our products page.  It will be updated by our team as
further products and innovations are developed and available.

Like our motto states, we are Organic by Choice, and Sustainable by Nature .

                               Current Products
Organic by Choice, Sustainable by Nature...
Organic by Choice, Sustainable by Nature...
Sol Farms Limited
Sol Farms Limited
Grape Tomatoes
Seedless Yellow Watermelon
Bell Peppers
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Sol Nuts
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Belize Best Pantry
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